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      • Santa-paaarty-frame

        Santa silliness from 1a Aerials

        We couldn’t leave for the Christmas break without wishing you all a very merry Christmas….in the only way we know how (!)  Here’s what we got up to last weekend.  Thanks again Mr Shine for turning up on time    

      • Sonycentre300x250

        How to buy a new TV

        It has always been an amusing point of conversation when we tell our customers that our personal TV is in fact a tube TV that we’ve had the pleasure of watching since we bought it, in 2004! Our response to those that ask ‘Why?’ is that we moved to Pembrokeshire to breathe some fresh air. […]

      • _79454317_eeengineer

        Better mobile phone reception??

        EE plans micro-network for UK mobile not-spots (From the bbc news website) The antennas do not require planning permission, unlike the large masts used by mobile operators Continue reading the main story Mobile operator EE is planning to connect 1,500 rural “not-spots”, using small antennas that can be attached to any building. So-called micro-networks eliminate […]

      • Mounting the dish at the end of the garden

        Not on the house please!

        Planning or aesthetic requirements sometimes calls for something different. Thankfully, there’s always another way of doing things… Two recent fibreglass satellite dish installations called for something a bit different. One house didn’t have a good line of site to the satellite without an ugly tall pole mounted dish on the chimney.  Another had planning restrictions for […]