• Remote central heating

    Imagine being able to control the heating in your property from miles away.  It’s now possible, thanks to the latest techology from Heatmiser.  How can this benefit you?

    –  Pre-heat your holiday home before arriving for the weekend

    –  Reset temperatures after holiday guests have vacated

    –  ‘Hold’ a constant temperature during colder months

    –  Reduce your heating bills considerably

    Wire-free installation

    In contrast to lifting up floors and channelling out walls to install conventional thermostats,  WiFi thermostats can be added to your existing heating system with minimal fuss, free of visible wires and leaving your interior as clean and tidy as before.

    Control your heating from anywhere

    Heatmiser’s in-built web server means you can access heating controls from literally anywhere.  User friendly software enables you to monitor temperature and adjust settings from any PC or mobile device, including iPhone and Android phones and tablets.

     Read about our Heatmiser installations at:

    Min Yr Afon in Solva
    Treleddyn Holiday Cottages in St Davids.

    Hundreds of savvy property owners are seeing returns from this system.  If you’d like to discuss how Heatmiser can benefit you, give us a call on 01437 711142.

    View the Heatmiser video to see how it works:

    Heatmiser demo


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    • WiFi thermostats
    • Reduce your bills
    • Access via phone or web
    • 5/2 day programming
    • Temp. ‘hold’ facility

    The original installer could not get the system to work! However I contacted Dave and he took the job on.

    The system now works, from my phone or iPad I can control the heating, turning it down between guests to the 12C setting and turning it up just before the guests arrive so they arrive to a nice warm cottage. I can also see the last week’s history of temperatures. There are simple instructions for guests to run the temperature next to the thermostat. I am hoping for substantially reduced Calor bills and can keep a regular check that the heating is working.

    Stuart JohnstonOwner of Min Yr Afon, Solva
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