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    Since the digital switchover in 2010, the majority of properties in Pembrokeshire can receive a digital TV signal without needing to adjust or replace their TV aerial, however this is not the case for many, and if your aerial struggles to provide you with a consistent and reliable signal, a tweak to the alignment of your existing aerial or perhaps an upgrade to better quality equipment is required.

    A TV aerial upgrade involves a complete replacement of your equipment – this includes a new aerial and mast/fixings/brackets and new cable routed neatly to your TV point. If your property has more than one TV and the cabling to these devices was installed at the same time as your original aerial, it is advisable to replace these cables too to enable a quality digital signal to be carried throughout your property.

    Have you just moved into a new property? It is quite common to arrive at a new property to find that you have either no or just part of a TV aerial system (in some cases the previous owner may have invested in good quality equipment and want to take the system with them).  In this case, 1a Aerials can help to assess what you do and don’t have in your system and suggest a suitable solution to get you back online.

    If you live in Pembrokeshire and are unsure exactly what your property may need, give us a call on 01437 711 142 and we’ll see how we can help.

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    I contacted 1a Aerials as the sound and pictures on my digital TVs were breaking up, especially when it was windy. I was quite prepared to invest in a new aerial and signal amplifier to cure the problem.
    Dave turned up with his box of tricks to measure the signal strength and its quality. He rigged up a new aerial and took it onto the roof to check the best direction for the signal. Using his meter and the new aerial, he found a stronger signal and adjusted the existing aerial to suit. Since the adjustment there have been some windy days with no break up of picture.
    I was very impressed with the professionalism of 1a Aerials in identifying the cause of the problem and their integrity in not taking the opportunity to upgrade the existing equipment. Well done.

    Richard BiddiscombePenffordd, Pembrokeshire
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