Solva Communal TV


1a have been excellent in dealing with what seemed to be a complex problem, bringing together a shared system which was explained to us all, and put together promptly. Both Dave and Sally have been a pleasure to work with.

Rhidian and KimAnnie's Cottage, Solva

As a rental property the reliability of everything in your property, is of key importance, but our TV aerial system constantly failed. Dave provided a detailed analysis of the issues and a range of solutions, but more than that he facilitated bringing a group of owners together which allowed for the sophisticated reliable system we have now.

The work was neatly completed, in the timescale given and at the price quoted. The group started with three properties but has recently expanded to six properties, bringing benefits of reduced cost to all.

Stuart JohnstonOwner of Min-Yr-Afon, Solva
  • Work completed:

    • Communal TV aerial for 6 properties
    • 120 metres of direct burial cable
  • We consulted with:

    • Solva property owners

Lower Solva in Pembrokeshire is scattered with character properties, several of which line the bottom of the valley and the entrance to Solva harbour.  Properties situated here are overlooked by rocky headland and getting a good line of sight to a TV transmitter is a fair challenge.

Poor TV reception in Lower Solva

Before our visit, six properties were connected to a TV aerial that had been erected on The Gribbin (headland).  The aerial mast and head was insecure and succeptible to movement after high winds.  The cable was unprotected (no casing) and needed replacing approx. every 12 months due to wildlife eating their way through.  Residents were receiving a mix of channels intermittently, with signal ranging from poor to none at all.

Direct burial cable & TV distribution system

Following a detailed site survey, 1a Aerials recommended a communal system TV upgrade.  The original aerial was secured, a new amp installed and 120 metres of direct burial cable (protective casing) laid from the top to the bottom of The Gribbin.  A distribution unit was housed in a fibreglass cabinet at the key stakeholders property, along with a master amp to enable distribution throughout the village.  In addition, TV cable to each property was replaced and routed tidily to the required points outlined by each property owner.

The result is reliable signal for the reception of Freeview TV and a communal system that will withstand the elements a lot longer than the original.

This project has been made possible by Solva residents investing in the core structure on a shared basis.  The system has the potential to run additional properties.  If your property is in the vicinity, contact us to discuss how you can get connected.