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    Digital Modulation

    Digital Modulation enables custom services such as CCTV cameras, hotel welcome channels, local services, webcam channels and direct marketing to be displayed on Digital Ready TV sets within the on-screen TV guide.

    This is achieved by installing a modulator to an existing TV network and linking it to the relevant hardware that provides the channel content, e.g. centralised iPad, computer, DVD player, webcam.

    Whilst the vast majority of these modulators will become part of a cabled network like a hotel multi-room TV system, there is also the opportunity for businesses to broadcast content ‘over air’ (with correct licensing) directly to local communities.

    If you’re a business owner wanting to explore the possibilities of direct marketing through digital modulation, give us a call to understand how 1a Aerials can assist with the design and installation.


    IPTV ( Internet Protocol Television) provides businesses like hotels, leisure complexes and office suites with a fantastic opportunity to broadcast bespoke messaging and direct marketing promotions to viewers using the latest technology.

    As technical innovation continues to adapt to help us access information AND entertainment through one medium, there are now exciting opportunities for consumers and businesses to start ‘getting online’ with just a TV remote.

    The most well known of these services is BBC iPlayer which allows you to catch up on TV programmes you missed, direct from your SMART TV.  Other mainstream TV channels now offer this same service.  SMART TV enables you to subscribe to movie rental sites without going out to the video rental shop, keep in touch with loved ones by email, make business video calls with services such as SKYPE as well as log into social media sites such as Facebook and Twitter.

    To take advantage of IPTV services, give us a call so we can help to identify your needs and advise on & set up the relevant equipment.

    PLEASE NOTE: You will need a broadband connection of at least 2MBs – If you have a slow broadband connection, please contact us understand how you can improve your speed.

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    “Dave was supremely professional in setting up the Satellite, Aerial and Audio systems in our Sony Centre Outlet at Cheshire Oaks. The quality of workmanship and expertise was the best I have seen when fitting out Sony stores. I would recommend his services to everybody; not only for new installs, but Dave came to my rescue when my mast head amplifier was damaged, getting us back up and running the same day. Exemplary service indeed!”

    Dave Cox (Centre Manager)Sony Centre, Cheshire Oaks

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