•  Welsh Government Broadband Funding

    Recent changes to the Welsh Government’s Access Broadband Cymru and Ultrafast Voucher Schemes mean that all homes and businesses across Wales, that cannot currently receive superfast connections, are now eligible to apply for support. 

    What you should know

    £400 is applicable for installations providing 10-29Mbps

    £800 is applicable for installations providing 30+ Mbps

    – The voucher scheme is available to individuals, businesses and the 3rd sector

    – The broadband service you select MUST double your current speed and provide a MINIMUM of 10Mbps

    – You must commit to your new service for a minimum of 12 months

    1a Aerials are accredited to install 4G broadband and satellite broadband as part of this scheme.




    You can find details of Eligibility Criteria and the Welsh Government Funding Application Form here

    PLEASE NOTE: the new email address for application submission is broadband@gov.wales (gov docs not updated yet)


    Follow these instructions to complete the Funding Claim process.

    Should you wait for fibre broadband?

    Openreach is working with Welsh Government on the Superfast Cymru project to provide superfast broadband to the majority of Wales.  You can find out the status of your local telephone exchange here which will enable you to make a judgement as to when fibre will reach you.

    Despite the pan Wales roll out, there will be some properties that will never access faster speeds via BT.

    If you think you may be in this position, give us a call to understand your options for alternative broadband on 01437 711 142.9

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