• Satellite broadband in Wales

    Best suited where there is no infrastructure for wireless broadband or high speed fibre, satellite broadband offers download speeds of up to 30Mbps and moderate upload speeds, perfect for isolated properties that are out of reach of other networks.

    A satellite broadband installation is fairly similar to a satellite TV rig in terms of fixing a dish externally, aligning to the required satellite and feeding cables internally.  The main difference is that the kit for a broadband rig is larger and more sophisticated.

    If you have already reviewed your options and are certain that you cannot receive cabled or wireless broadband (or your cabled option is still running at snail pace), satellite broadband is a worthy alternative. It requires more investment that other methods due to a lower user/connection ratio. However, as technology advances, more attractive packages are available for those needing to do business in a rural environment. 

    You may also want to consider 4G broadband as an alternative.

    Avanti Satellite Broadband

    1a Aerials chooses to install satellite broadband for ISP Criccieth TV, who host the service via Avanti. There are other satellite providers offering services with various pros and cons.

    Criccieth TV - satellite broadband





    Positive things to note about Avanti:

    • By at least doubling your broadband speed you will qualify to receive the £400 Welsh Government voucher to subsidise installation.
    • It works on a much lower user ratio than other providers (providing a more reliable service at peak times)
    • They DON’T provide stepped data (same speed throughout – other providers lower the speed as you eat through the data)

    Monthly subscription packages are available from Criccieth TV (Wales’ only independent internet service provider). The key thing to note is that once your data limit is reached, additional data costs £6/GB. Get in touch to discuss pricing options.

    1a Aerials are independent registered installers for Pembrokeshire with Criccieth TV covering the South West Wales area.

    Welsh Government Funding

    Recent changes to the Welsh Government’s Access Broadband Cymru and Ultrafast Voucher Schemes mean that all homes and businesses across Wales, that can access faster speeds via alternative methods are now eligible to apply for support.



    PLEASE NOTE: As the satellite dishes are 36 thousand kilometers from your dish, even at the speed of light, there are small delays known as ‘latency’ of around 0.6 seconds. Therefore, although this is not notable during general internet use, it is not recommend for gaming, internet phones, webcams and virtual private networks (VPN’s).

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  • Satellite-broadband

    • wireless broadband alternative
    • for notspots with less than 2MB
    • up to 90% subsidy
    • various speed/data packages

    Criccieth TV - satellite broadband

    The whole satellite system was in place and up and running by the following Monday, demonstrating excellent service and professionalism throughout.

    I can thoroughly recommend this prompt, efficient, friendly, and consistently helpful business.

    Ian GriffithsOwner of Celtic Camping, Pembrokeshire
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