• 4G Broadband

    Before now, residents and businesses unable to access reasonable speeds from a cabled or fibre broadband service had just two alternatives; satellite broadband (costly data packages) or wireless broadband (only if line of sight is possible to a local network).

    In addition to these solutions, 4G data providers have been offering a broadband facility via our mobile devices or via dongle for years, yet there wasn’t a reliable solution for feeding this into properties for use as a home or business broadband service.

    We are now able to relay 4G signal into your property using professional equipment and in some cases, are able to provide speeds of up to 80Mbps, plus data prices more comparable to cabled and wireless broadband.

    You have the flexibility to set up a data package from your chosen provider and ask us to install your 4G system for you.

    Can your property receive 4G broadband?

    If you already receive a decent 4G signal using your mobile device, this is a good indicator that there is sufficient signal to connect to a 4G service. If you have poor 4G signal inside your property and better levels outside or within surrounding land of your property, it is still possible to engineer a solution for you.

    4G data prices (correct at 04/11/19)

    Monthly package costs are within the control of the service provider and change sporadically due to competitor activity. Not all 4G services will be available at your property, however here are some links for the key ISPs to give you an idea of spend.

    EE 4G SIM only packages

    Vodafone 4G SIM only packages

    Three 4G SIM only packages

    NOTE: The majority of Pembrokeshire benefits from EE and Vodafone coverage. ISP ‘postcode predictors’ aren’t always accurate and a site survey is essential to confirm signal available. 

    Book a site survey

    If you would like to clarify whether your property can receive a professional 4G service, the potential speeds available and understand more about data costs, book a site survey.

    We charge £50+VAT for our time to visit, conduct a speed test, design an installation route and produce a quotation.

    Lots of property owners are pleased to (at last) be accessing ‘usable broadband’ from this system.  If you’d like to discuss how 4G broadband can benefit you, give us a call on 01437 711 142.

    Welsh Government Funding

    Recent changes to the Welsh Government’s Access Broadband Cymru and Ultrafast Voucher Schemes mean that all homes and businesses across Wales, that can access faster speeds via alternative methods are now eligible to apply for support.



    Complete your Welsh Government Funding Claim

    Follow the instructions on our customer information page.


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  • 4G broadband pembrokeshire

    • Perfect for rural not-spotters
    • Speeds up to 80Mbps
    • Competitive data costs

    “We really appreciate 1a Aerials fantastic service and our new 4G broadband system allows Pete to work with customers all over the world, as well as enjoying our TV without worrying our data will run out”

    Sam Campbell-JonesWalwyns Castle, Pembrokeshire
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