• Ceiling Mount WiFi Access Point

    Every  WiFi network is bespoke and in theory, there is no limit.  If your broadband coverage is currently limited to one end or level of your property, signal can be extended through the rest of the house and throughout the grounds, even if that’s the other end of a field.

    WiFi signal can penetrate multiple floors from one access point

    The ceiling mount WiFi access point is ideal for traditional properties with thick walls.  Unlike the regular access point that transmits signal in a horizontal direction, the ceiling access point transmits signal in a vertical/conical direction.  This means that when located at the top of a property (commonly the loft), the majority of the area below is able to receive WiFi coverage, through the floors rather than the walls.

    L-shaped or long properties may require multiple access points to guarantee coverage throughout.

    Ceiling access point

    If you are considering improving WiFi coverage in your property, contact us to chat through the options available.

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  • Ceiling access point

    • ideal for thick walled properties
    • powerful WiFi coverage
    • downwards/conical transmitter
    • penetrates multiple floors

    Many thanks for the efficient way you carried out the work for our cottage. Best wishes, Steve.

    Steve MilesFishguard, Pembrokeshire

    Fabulous service, thank you for all your help, prompt and reliable service. Thank you 1A Aerials.

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