Min yr Afon, Solva


Heating is a substantial property cost and even more so in areas without access to mains gas. When our rental property was empty in the winter, the heating had to be left on, in case of any cold spells. Also the heating may have been left on between rentals at other times. The result was higher costs than necessary.

Our property having two sections needed a more complicated system to be run from the same WiFi hub than the normal. The original installer could not get the system to work! However I contacted Dave and he took the job on.

The system now works, from my phone or iPad I can control the heating, turning it down between guests to the 12C setting and turning it up just before the guests arrive so they arrive to a nice warm cottage. I can also see the last week’s history of temperatures. There are simple instructions for guests to run the temperature next to the thermostat. I am hoping for substantially reduced Calor bills and can keep a regular check that the heating is working.

Stuart JohnstonMin Yr Afon, Solva

TV and internet distribution

Min Yr Afon cottage and Min Yr Afon annexe were redeveloped into coastal holiday properties by Hook Construction in 2013.  The two properties sit within 4 metres of each other, although run as separate holiday lets as required.

1a Aerials installed cables for the reception of Freeview TV (now powered by the Solva communal TV system) and the distribution of internet throughout. Internet signal was linked by cable from the cottage to the annexe.

Remote control heating

At a later date, the Heatmiser remote control heating system was installed into both properties, requiring a network of WiFi thermostats at various points throughout.  The thermostats connect directly to the heating system and can be controlled remotely via WiFi link.

The Heatmiser system has enabled the property owner to distance-manage his business.  Stuart is able to access heating controls via smartphone at any time.  He can adjust temperature zones, set programmes times, apply ‘holiday mode’ from anywhere in the world.  An ideal solution for property owners on the move.

It is crucial to prepare for TV and internet reception EARLY in the project planning process.  If you have a development you would like our guidance on,  contact us to discuss the details.

Min Yr Afon cottage and Min Yr Afon annexe are character properties set in the beautiful village of Lower Solva and are available for short term holiday rental via Coastal Cottages -take a look.