Clydey Cottages, Pembrokeshire


Ever since meeting Dave in 2014 we have been delighted with his open, honest approach whilst planning and installing our new digital TV and Wifi system for our award winning cottage complex at Clydey.

He always puts the customer first and is responsive if we ever need advice. Thank you for your professional and excellent service, it’s much appreciated.

Dewi DaviesOwner, Clydey Cottages, Pembrokeshire
  • Work completed:

    • TV distribution for Freeview
    • Guest WiFi broadband for 10 cottages and leisure areas
  • We consulted with:








Clydey Cottages is an award winning family resort set amongst the stunning North Pembrokeshire countryside.

TV Distribution

Prior to our visit, the 10 guest cottages were receiving poor signal levels for terrestrial TV and viewed satellite TV via multiple externally fixed dishes.

1a Aerials upgraded the antenna to improve terrestrial signal and installed a reliable distribution system into the rest of the properties.  The satellite dishes were removed from the walls which vastly improved the aesthetics of the site.

Guest WiFi Broadband

The existing internet system provided broadband coverage to 10 cottages via 3 external access points and unfortunately, the performance often suffered due to the signal struggling to penetrate the thick cottage walls.  The guest telephone system is also WiFi  and relied heavily on the broadband network.

1a Aerials recommended an internal distribution system linking to the master broadband feed.  This involved installing a secure public hotspot and high powered ceiling mounted access points into every cottage to ensure reliable coverage throughout.  We liaised with the telephone provider to ensure smooth connection to the WiFi phone system. The WiFi feed was also linked to the office and leisure areas to enable open communal use throughout the resort.

This project involved a great deal of team work between the Clydey team, Datakom and ourselves and we are pleased to say that guests are now enjoying online facilities as part of their luxury stay.

Visit Clydey Cottages

Clydey Cottages is a stunning retreat with luxury facilities, a friendly team and the most breath taking, panoramic views.  If you haven’t visited before, take a look online.