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Celtic Camping first used Dave and Sally at 1A Aerials in 2013, to enable broadband on this coastal site. From my initial enquiry on a Monday, the whole satellite system was in place and up and running by the following Monday, working through the weekend to make it happen, demonstrating excellent service and professionalism throughout.

Subsequently 1A Aerials have fitted two new Freesat dishes and systems for our bunkhouses and large group accommodation.

Looking ahead, we are taking advice from 1a Aerials with a view to expanding WiFi across the entire site and will continue to work closely with Dave and Sally on current and future projects.

I can thoroughly recommend this prompt, efficient, friendly, and consistently helpful business.

Ian GriffithsOwner of Celtic Camping, Pembrokeshire
  • Work completed:

    • Satellite broadband
    • Funding application support
  • We consulted with:

Celtic Camping offers group bunkhouse accommodation and spacious camping not far from Aberieddy, on the edge of the stunning coast of West Wales.  Prior to our visit, the team were managing to run the entire business off an internet connection speed of less than 2MB.

Reliable broadband is essential in order for the team to uphold a good standard of customer care and more recently, it had become evident that although access to facilities such as broadband isn’t key priority during a group stay, faster broadband would enhance the overall experience, enabling group leaders to access learning resources and share educational activities real-time.

Satellite broadband for a rural location

After a site survey, 1a Aerials guided the team through the application process for Welsh Government broadband support and following approval, installed a satellite broadband system from ISP Criccieth TV to the main office.  The new broadband service provides speeds of up to 10MB download, a vast improvement on the original system.  A secure access area was also created for guest use.

Wireless internet distribution

Phase 2 of the project will focus on distributing the incoming connection throughout the Celtic Camping grounds, made possible via wireless links to access points around the site.  Adding internet access to their facilities as a rural events venue will also add huge value to what is already, a thriving and successful business.

If your rural business is receiving less than 2MB broadband speed,  Contact us to see if you are eligible for Welsh Government broadband grant of up to £1,000.

Celtic Camping is a fabulous campsite set in a breathtaking cliff-edge location. If you’ve not visited already, we recommend you take a look.