FREE guest WiFi in holiday accommodation? Know the basics



Min -Yr-Afon holiday cottage, Solva

If like many holiday let owners, you intend to supply free internet access to guests, there are a few things you need to know before you simply open up your internet to all and sundry.

Here’s a quick guide summarising the main points:


  • Consider where it’s appropriate to have your WiFi ‘Open’ with no security. This is fine for coffee shops, cafe’s and bars but make sure this does not leave your office or personal computers open to opportunist hackers, who may be able to access your personal documents if the correct measures are not in place.
  • Check your monthly data allowance before you open up your WiFi to others. Whilst you may use very little data over the average month, you may quickly exceed your monthly allowance once other people start using it. Ask your  internet service provider (ISP) for costs on higher data limits and unlimited packages if necessary.
  • As the property owner in a letting scenario, YOU ARE CLASSED AS THE ISP… If you offer internet to guests, you have a responsibility for the internet supply and its proper use. Professional businesses often run their WiFi through a ‘Hotspot controller’ which will capture the electronic ID of all user devices (information which could be used to help in solving internet crime).
  • Depending on the speed of your internet service, opening up your WiFi to guests may impact on your own internet use. If you have a reliable connection with 5MBps or more, sharing to a couple of cottages at 1MBps per cottage should still allow you to happily watch iPlayer and surf the web.  However, leaving your guest connections open at full speed can potentially leave you with limited bandwidth – when your guests are all watching iPlayer whilst hiding from the rain, you may suffer also.  It’s complex, ask us for more advice on this…

If you would like your guest broadband setup reviewing or are considering sharing your WiFi to guests and would like a bit more information, give us a call on 01437 711 142.

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