Newgale and Penycwm


“Newgale has suffered from a poor internet connection for years but since our connection to TFL, the results are outstanding. We have gone from less to 0.5MB to 10MB thus improving efficiency and encouraging us to further expand our internet business alongside our traditional hardware and garden machinery shop.”

Mark CarterCarters, Newgale

Trading from Newgale since 2004, our need for a fast and reliable broadband service has become more important as the business has developed. Our previous supplier failed to provide us with a fast enough connection and since the TFL installation we have been very impressed with the service.

We regularly upload videos and photos to our website and social media accounts, update our online shop and the live feed webcam of Newgale beach is an essential service for our customers. A huge amount of time and frustration has been saved and the business has become much more efficient thanks to a faster broadband service. We also now offer free Wi-Fi in our new Shop and Booking Office with confidence that it won’t overload the connection.

Oli TuggeyBig Blue Experience, Newgale
  • Work completed:

    • Wireless broadband network for Newgale and Penycwm
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Residents of Newgale and Penycwm on the Pembrokeshire coast were receiving poor broadband speeds of less than 2mbps and were eligible to receive installation of an alternative broadband system, subsided by the Welsh Government.

This was to have a significant impact on all involved, specifically local businesses that wanted to keep abreast of the latest technology, such as electronic POS, managing stock control and staying connected with customers via social media.

Following a lengthy process of site surveys and assistance with the funding application approval process, 1a Aerials worked alongside TFL Group Ltd. to coordinate the project. A network of radio linked access points (each no larger than a small pencil case) was installed to wirelessly transmit signal throughout the villages.

The TFL service now continues to provide downloads speeds of up to 10MB, a vast improvement for a rural area that isn’t yet in reach of fibre broadband.

Read the full press release for more information.

If your property is receiving internet speeds of less than 2mbps, you may also be eligible for help from the Welsh Government.  Contact us for some friendly advice and to discuss your options.