Satellite TV

  • Humax - Freeview and Freesat

    Loss of signal reported with Humax Freesat

    Having spent many years working with all the TV brands, we tend to recommend Humax as the most reliable brand for set top boxes. Humax provide various product options for both Freeview and Freesat services, inclusive of recording and catch-up facilities. That said, in the last week we have received several calls reporting complete loss […]

  • 30 Years In Business

    With today’s remnants of Hurricane Ophelia as a good reminder, this weekend marks the 30th year I’ve been in the aerials business. I can’t say for sure what date I started, but know it was just a couple of months before Michael Fish’s infamous clanger, when the Oct ’87 storm made Sevenoaks into ‘One-Oak’! At […]

  • Ask Dave

    Freeview or Freesat?

    A common question from our customers is ‘which is best, Freeview or Freesat?’  There isn’t a ‘one fits all’ solution.  However, we do suggest you consider the following to help influence your decision: In a nutshell, there are two traditional methods of transmitting TV channels to your property.  Terrestrial TV (commonly referred to as ‘Freeview’) […]

  • Ask Dave

    5 geeky facts about satellite TV

    1.  There are over 2,500 communication satellites approx. 36,000km above the earth’s surface in a geostationary orbit around the equator, known as the Clarke Belt (named after scientist and sci-fi author, Arthur C. Clarke)   Ref: 2 . It takes approx. 0.6 seconds for data to travel from a satellite to your TV screen […]

  • Not on the house please!

    Planning or aesthetic requirements sometimes calls for something different. Thankfully, there’s always another way of doing things… Two recent fibreglass satellite dish installations called for something a bit different. One house didn’t have a good line of site to the satellite without an ugly tall pole mounted dish on the chimney.  Another had planning restrictions for […]

  • Thai TV is looking bright!

    Thai satellite dish installers get a bright and cheerful outlook to their job… Our recent trip to Thailand was an eye opener for me when I saw so many different bright colours used for their dishes. It certainly brought a smile to my face… Still… Their wiring could do with a bit of a tidy […]

  • The new BBC iPlayer: Due spring 2014

    The BBC has highly ambitious plans for iPlayer. Described by Director-General Tony Hall as a “primary entertainment destination”, it is set to become the BBC’s main focus for all its digital offerings.So how exactly is iPlayer going to change? The BBC has outlined a vision for the streaming service which sets it apart from pretty much everything else […]

  • sky tv live pause issues

    LIVE PAUSE & RECORDING ISSUES ON DRX890/ 5 including Wi-Fi Sky+HD boxes (c/o sky technical)It has come to our attention that in some specific scenarios the DRX89* (Sky+HD box) with model number R007.61.49.00P may not pause live TV (icon shows on the TV screen but video does not pause), and customers who experience this may […]

  • Sky announces Now TV set-top box

    Now TV set-top box, Smart TV tech for £9.99 Sky has launched a Now TV set-top box capable of streaming things like iPlayer, Spotify and Demand 5.The box, which costs just £9.99 including shipping, is aimed at transforming your television set into a smart TV. It rivals devices like the Apple TV and the recently-announced Google Chromecast […]

  • Sky’s new WiFi enabled Set Top Box ready for September

    Sky is set to upgrade its Sky+ HD box with built-in Wi-Fi for the first time. New customers will get the latest box without the need for an Ethernet cable to access on-demand content from September.“This will ensure every new customer will be connected automatically, and we’ll also roll out this box selectively to existing customers […]

  • Yet more rusty satellite dishes…

    You might be surprised to hear that I’m growing quite fond of the cheap and cheerful minidish most commonly used for sky and freesat.The one simple selfish reason is that they are keeping me in business by rusting to pieces on the Pembrokeshire coast! What’s left of the dish seen here is just over three years old and was […]

  • Roch Castle TV Upgrade

    On a day so foggy that you couldn’t see fifty yards, I was on the castle roof wondering where the beach had gone! Following on from the upgrade of the TV system at Penrhiw in St Davids, Roch Castle was next to have sky TV added to the guest rooms. With the benefit of being onsite during […]