WiFi & Networking

  • 30 Years In Business

    With today’s remnants of Hurricane Ophelia as a good reminder, this weekend marks the 30th year I’ve been in the aerials business. I can’t say for sure what date I started, but know it was just a couple of months before Michael Fish’s infamous clanger, when the Oct ’87 storm made Sevenoaks into ‘One-Oak’! At […]

  • Ask Dave

    Freeview or Freesat?

    A common question from our customers is ‘which is best, Freeview or Freesat?’  There isn’t a ‘one fits all’ solution.  However, we do suggest you consider the following to help influence your decision: In a nutshell, there are two traditional methods of transmitting TV channels to your property.  Terrestrial TV (commonly referred to as ‘Freeview’) […]

  • Ask Dave

    FREE guest WiFi in holiday accommodation? Know the basics

      If like many holiday let owners, you intend to supply free internet access to guests, there are a few things you need to know before you simply open up your internet to all and sundry. Here’s a quick guide summarising the main points:   Consider where it’s appropriate to have your WiFi ‘Open’ with no security. […]

  • Is it good to be wildly disconnected?

    Working in the outdoors with fabulous views of the Pembrokeshire coast is a regular occurrence for the 1a team and so when we were asked to provide WiFi broadband coverage for the Really Wild Food & Countryside Festival in St Davids last weekend, we knew we were in for a treat. The new venue at Celtic […]

  • How to buy a new TV

    It has always been an amusing point of conversation when we tell our customers that our personal TV is in fact a tube TV that we’ve had the pleasure of watching since we bought it, in 2004! Our response to those that ask ‘Why?’ is that we moved to Pembrokeshire to breathe some fresh air. […]

  • Solving Poor Mobile Reception at home?

    I’ve been asked again a few time recently how I seem to have phone signal where no one else does. We’re all used to being somewhere our mobiles don’t work and often, that’s in our own homes. (Ours included!) There are two ways you can achieve good mobile reception if you have a working broadband internet connection […]

  • Ambleston Wind Turbine Completion

    A long hot day on Thursday with nowhere to hide from the sun… At least the turbine kicked in every now and then and sent a gentle breeze to the cabin where I was doing some of my work for Dorrell Renewables So… What was this install all about?Wind turbines need to be monitored and […]

  • Wind Turbine near Ambleston

    Working with Dorrell Renewables of Narberth, I’m installing a wireless communication link from the turbine tower to the farmhouse via a hop on a set of out buildings. Using WiFi technology, the tower will send data to the turbine manufacturer over the customer’s internet connection and allow them to control it when needed. The turbine […]

  • WiFi relay for Newsurf

    www.newsurf.co.uk NewSurf kit hire and activity centre on Newgale Beach, welcomed new owners this summer. Amongst the changes was the need to relay WiFi signal from the shop to Sands Cafe 100mtr away. This was done with 2.4GHz wireless antennas. The antennas allow a secure wireless broadband connection between the two buildings with a discrete antenna outside […]

  • Mobile phone signal via your wireless router

    If you use an Orange, T-Mobile or Vodafone handset and struggle for signal at home or work, with the right handset and wifi signal, you can have reliable mobile reception with Orange / T-Moblie Signal Boost UMA or Vodafone Sure SignalClick here to read about UMA From Orange (Applies to T-Mobile customers as well) Click […]