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  • Not on the house please!

    Planning or aesthetic requirements sometimes calls for something different. Thankfully, there’s always another way of doing things… Two recent fibreglass satellite dish installations called for something a bit different. One house didn’t have a good line of site to the satellite without an ugly tall pole mounted dish on the chimney.  Another had planning restrictions for […]

  • Yet more rusty satellite dishes…

    You might be surprised to hear that I’m growing quite fond of the cheap and cheerful minidish most commonly used for sky and freesat.The one simple selfish reason is that they are keeping me in business by rusting to pieces on the Pembrokeshire coast! What’s left of the dish seen here is just over three years old and was […]

  • Weatherproof fibreglass satellite dish for coastal locations

    I was in Little Haven today replacing yet another rusty sky dish with a Weatherproof Fibreglass Dish that can brave the Pembrokeshire coastal sea air. The dish in question was only three years old and like many others, was falling apart beyond repair. SMC (or Sheet Moulded Composite) dishes work in the same way but are […]

  • Dilapidated Dish?

    I’ve been to  couple of dishes recently that have suffered from the all too common Salt Air Syndrome!This is really common with standard mini dishes used for many sky installations as they are constructed of mild steel that is powder coated but not galvanized. This always leads to rapid corrosion of these dishes in coastal locations. […]