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  • BBC HD channels move to new positions on Freesat

    Some handy info from FreeSat for those who are enjoying the HD channels: To enhance the channels’ viewing experience a number of changes have been made to the position of BBC HD channels on Freesat. From 24 March, the channel positions will be as follows: 

  • BBC2 HD To Replace BBC HD On 26 March

    Freeview is to see a change next week when the BBC-HD channel changes full time for BBC2-HD to compliment the already popular BBC1-HD. It’s a sign of things to come as channels slowly but surely start to move over to High Definition broadcasting. On the whole, you won’t need to retune your digital equipment as it is more of […]

  • BBC2 HD

    The BBC HD Channel is to close to make way for BBC2 HD. From Wired.co.uk The BBC is planning to close its BBC HD and replace it with a high definition version of BBC Two. The channel, which first launched in 2006, has been broadcasting HD content including programmes such as Planet Earth, Top Gear, Formula One and Wimbledon. It’s one of […]