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  • What a night that was!

    12th Feb Storm was a first for us.Since 1988 when I first started this job, I have never lost or had my own roof antenna damaged… Until yesterday that is!Granted our rig is a bit out of the ordinary, carrying Wireless broadband relay equipment for TFL Group.And to top it all,, we had no power […]

  • Newgale surfs the net

    To coincide with the long awaited arrival of summer on the stunning coast of West Wales, residents and businesses of Newgale and Penycwm in Pembrokeshire are now happily surfing The Net as well as the waves thanks to Welsh Government funding. Working in conjunction with WISP (Wireless Internet Service Provider) TFL-Groupof Neyland, 1a Aerialshas helped […]

  • Wireless Broadband is spreading around Pembrokeshire…

    More Wireless Broadband schemes are being completed around Pembrokeshire and Carmarthenshire supplied by the Wireless Internet Service Provider (WISP) TFL Group of Neyland.Recently completed Schemes include Llanfallteg near Whitland and almost complete is Reynalton near Narberth. I’ve been working closely with TFL group on these projects and we’re just making a start on Newgale & Penycwm […]

  • Misty moors at Mynachlogddu

    It’s been a busy week installing equipment for residents of Mynachlogddu Community WiFi Project. Made somewhat challenging by the constant thick mist, the usual ‘naked eye’ approach for assessing Line Of Sight had to make way for blind signal testing.It was very quiet and eery testing up on the moors. At least the local wildlife kept […]