‘On the road’

  • 30 Years In Business

    With today’s remnants of Hurricane Ophelia as a good reminder, this weekend marks the 30th year I’ve been in the aerials business. I can’t say for sure what date I started, but know it was just a couple of months before Michael Fish’s infamous clanger, when the Oct ’87 storm made Sevenoaks into ‘One-Oak’! At […]

  • Is it good to be wildly disconnected?

    Working in the outdoors with fabulous views of the Pembrokeshire coast is a regular occurrence for the 1a team and so when we were asked to provide WiFi broadband coverage for the Really Wild Food & Countryside Festival in St Davids last weekend, we knew we were in for a treat. The new venue at Celtic […]

  • Santa silliness from 1a Aerials

    We couldn’t leave for the Christmas break without wishing you all a very merry Christmas….in the only way we know how (!)  Here’s what we got up to last weekend.  Thanks again Mr Shine for turning up on time 😉    

  • What a night that was!

    12th Feb Storm was a first for us.Since 1988 when I first started this job, I have never lost or had my own roof antenna damaged… Until yesterday that is!Granted our rig is a bit out of the ordinary, carrying Wireless broadband relay equipment for TFL Group.And to top it all,, we had no power […]

  • Thai TV is looking bright!

    Thai satellite dish installers get a bright and cheerful outlook to their job… Our recent trip to Thailand was an eye opener for me when I saw so many different bright colours used for their dishes. It certainly brought a smile to my face… Still… Their wiring could do with a bit of a tidy […]

  • Yet more rusty satellite dishes…

    You might be surprised to hear that I’m growing quite fond of the cheap and cheerful minidish most commonly used for sky and freesat.The one simple selfish reason is that they are keeping me in business by rusting to pieces on the Pembrokeshire coast! What’s left of the dish seen here is just over three years old and was […]

  • Another interesting day in the life of…

    Swansea Hub Removal We’ve been doing a lot of work with TFL-Group lately and today saw an early dart up to Swansea to meet the crane and assist in the decommission of a transmitter tower… Previously, their main fibre link from Bristol stopped here and became ‘wireless’ all the way to Pembs. Now with commercial fibre links […]

  • Misty moors at Mynachlogddu

    It’s been a busy week installing equipment for residents of Mynachlogddu Community WiFi Project. Made somewhat challenging by the constant thick mist, the usual ‘naked eye’ approach for assessing Line Of Sight had to make way for blind signal testing.It was very quiet and eery testing up on the moors. At least the local wildlife kept […]