Live Formula 1 in the UK

Is there a way to watch Formula 1 live in the UK without subscribing to sky’s new F1 channel?

With a couple of limitations, yes…
European broadcaster RTL have the rights to live F1 on RTL Germany which can be viewed in the UK with the right equipment.

The audio and commentary will be in German so a little imagination is required to get the UK experience.
BBC Radio 5 live will be carrying the British commentary. This is available on freeview DAB Digital Radio and online
You will need a satellite dish and a ‘Free To Air’ satellite Set Top Box (STB) N.B. a sky or freesat STB will not be suitable for this.
If you already have a satellite dish for sky or freesat use, this may be suitable for the modification. Smaller sky minidishes are likely to give less reliable reception of RTL in heavy rain conditions.

So how does this work?
A single dish has signals from many sources hitting it from many angles and bouncing back off again.
A Low Noise Block-downconverter (LNB) is held in a central position where the required beam is most focused. This is know as the prime focal point.
There are however, more focal points around the dish where additional LNBs can be installed to catch a signal reflected off the same dish at a different angle. Seen below is an example of this type of set-up.