SKY TV upgrade for Penrhiw Priory

On Friday I completed a bespoke installation for the very prestigious Retreats Group accommodation in StDavids.

The Old Priory underwent massive renovation works and was completed about two years ago. Along with the renovation, Digital freeview TV was installed in all the rooms and satellite tv was not originally needed or specified. 
Now after requests from some regular guests, the owners had decided that it was time to add sky TV for guests. 

As Penrhiw is a grade two listed building and much time and effort went into having no visible wiring in or on the building, it was important to keep the visible impact of this upgrade to an absolute minimum.

First and foremost, was a hidden location for the fibreglass corrosion resistant satellite dish. This was located in a roof valley where it can only be seen from the air.
With the sea air, it is crucial that this dish lasts longer than similar steel alternatives.

Next was how we were going to get the signal from this dish down to the ground floor office externally without the cables being seen.
Conventionally, a multi feed commercial dish will have an untidy and bulky feed. This job called for the unusual choice of fibre-optics.
Instead of the bulky 22mm diameter coax bundle, we were able to hide a 3mm diameter armoured fibre that can carry more than the five coax.
With the fibre neatly fed into the ground floor office, this was then split between the main house system feeding six bedrooms and one reception room, then onto the coach house via the basement plant room and routing through 50mtr of existing underground duct.

Once in the Coach House, a small data cabinet was installed to house the distribution kit and two more sky boxes. 

The main Lounge having a large screen 3D TV has the sky box in the room with a direct HD connection

After Christmas  I will be carrying out a similar upgrade to the TV system I installed at Roch Castle last year. 
Thankfully I was involved in the design of the TV system at the castle and made sure it was pre-cabled for the possibility of satellite at a later date.
This will be a much simpler and more cost effective project.